Alligator® Plastic Rivet System

For light-duty applications where metal belt fasteners can’t be used, Alligator® Plastic Rivet Fasteners are a long-lasting, easy-to-install alternative.

Features and Benefits:

Beveled leading edges for smooth interface with conveyor components

One-piece, easy-to-clean design with rivets molded into the top plate

Fasteners are applied with the Alligator® Spin Set™ installation tool where the rivets are spin set through heat and friction to provide a long lasting splice.


UV-resistant black plastic for outdoor applications

FDA-accepted white plastic

Blue plastic for use with blue colored belting used in the food industry


Pharmaceutical and food processing, metal stamping, and operations with metal detectors or X-ray equipment

Belts from 1/32” – 1/8” (0.8 – 3.2 mm) thick, with mechanical fastener ratings up to 65 P.I.W. (11 kN/m) and minimum pulley diameters from 1-1/2” – 3” (38 - 75 mm)